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Litecoin overtakes Steller Lumens

Litecoin, after, the top seventh cryptocurrency on earth, by market cap, has become the sixth biggest cryptocurrency.

The costs for LTC were in for a crazy roller-coaster ride with much-needed volatility at the crypto markets. The 24-hour time frame indicates a maximum cost change of approximately 11%, with present costs at $38.

Litcoin Symbol LTC

Image source: Coinmarketcap

LTC graph for the one-day time period indicates a whole lot of volatility with a brief spike in costs proceeded by a fast correction. In the one-day graph, the costs began trading at $34 and peaked at $36.14.

The costs attempted breaking the resistance at this level several times but failed, hence the prices adhered into a sideways trend for quite a while.

The costs, however, dipped as low as $35 on January 6, 2019, UTC, and, LTC prices climbed as large as $38.5, at which point, the 24-hour shift was in the highest, i.e., ~11%.

At a longer time period of 7-days, the cryptocurrency [Litecoin] has been soaring by a gigantic 18% amidst the bear market. In contrast, Bitcoin at 24-hour time frame indicates a negative prognosis, so does XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], and Stellar Lumens.

The 24-hour trading volume of Litecoin has reached a humungous $815 million and the vast majority of this volume is coming in by the OKEx market via the trading group LTC/BTC but contributes another $66 million through LTC/USDT pair.

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